Semen Analysis

Patient: Hello sir,I am 34yrs old, Today i checked my semen analysis the report is as folllows,Physical Examination:Liquefaction Time : 30 minVolume : 2mlOdor : SeminalColour : WhitishpH : AlkalineViscosity : NormalChemical Examination:Fructose(Qualitative) : PresentMicroscopic Examination:Sperm Count : 90 millions/mlActively Motile : 30%Sluggishly Motile : 30%Non Motile : 40%Total % of abnormal forms : 30%Pus Cells : Occassional.Red Blood Cells : AbsentEpithelial Cells : Absentsir i would like to know my semen analysis report is correct with the normal valuesthanking you.

Doctor: Semen analysis are best interpreted with respect to the normal values of the testing laboratory as the normal values can be quite variable.Most laboratories interpret the semen analysis using the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. Your semen analysis seems to be normal going by these standards.