Semen Analysis

Patient: I ve listed the details of my sperm analysis report..Pls suggest whether i could give birth to a child and go for marriage life….Semen AnalysisVolume : 3.0 mlReaction : AlkalineLiquefaction : Completed within 30 minsTotal Count : 15 Million/mlMotilityActively Motile : 40%Sluggishly Motile :30%Non Motile :20%MorphologyNormal Sperm :45%Amorphous form :20%Long Tail :10%Tail less :07%Double Head :08%Gained Head :10%OthersPus Cells :2-3/hpfThanks in advance..

Doctor: Thank you for your query.After going through your query it is conveyed that you can definitely father a biological chi ld of your own. Keeping in view the low count of the spermatozoa in the ejaculate per ml you may probably require assisted reproductive techniques like IUI where the semen sample is concentrated & injected directly into the uterus of the female spouse around the time of ovulation to enchance the chances of a probable pregnancy or IVF with ICSI procedure wherein the best spermatozoon with good motility & morphology is selected & injected directly into the eggs collected from the female spouse to ensure fertilisation & thereby the resultant embryos can be transferred to the female spouses womb in anticipation of a successful pregnancy. Because of this simple reason you don’t have to put off your marriage plans. Due to availability of advanced assisted reproductive technology can assist you to have a child of your own.Hope that answers your query. Have a goodday.