Semen Analysis After Vasectomy Procedure

Patient: I made Vascosity operation and I waited 6 months to have my semen analysis and below is the result : volume : 3ml pH :7.5 liquefaction :30 colour : gray viscosity : highly viscous sperm count : 240 mill ml total sperm count : 720 mill wbc : 0.1 mill ml agglutination : present cellular debris : not seen motile : 20 percent sluggish : 50 percent Immotile : 30 percent normal : 50 percent Can you please give me your opinion about the result? I’m little concerned about two items: viscosity and Motility? right?

Doctor: The sperm count, volume, WBC, pH are all within normal range. Viscosity is not a major factor for fertility and is not a cause for concern. However, sperm motility is inadequate and has a negative effect on your ability to have children.On another note, if you have had a vasectomy (surgery to make you infertile), your results are not consistent with someone who has had this procedure since your sperm count is within the normal limits!