Semen Analysis and Presence of Pus Cells

Patient: Semen Report- Motility-70%, Active-60%, Sluggish-10%, Dead-30%, Pus Cells-2-3HPF, Morphology-20% Abnormal, Sperm Cpunt-50 million per ml. Please advise on pus counts and medication for the same if required.

Doctor: Pus cells usually represent white blood cells (WBC) in the semen. WBC can damage sperm by impairing motility and causing sperm DNA damage. This can cause a problem with fertilization of the egg. Excess WBC is usually seen in infection or unwanted inflammation in the male reproductive tract. The problem can be treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.

Comments / Follow Ups

Guest: Dear Doctor,
My semen analysis report shows-
colour: greyish white
volume: 2ml
reaction: alkaline
liquefaction time: 30 min
count: 40 million/ml
Rapid linear progressive: 25%
slow linear progressive: 10%
non progressive: 0-5%
dead: 60%
majority of spermatozoa with normal morphology.
Abnormal forms like microhead, giant heads, short tails: 40%
WBC – round cells 2-3/HPF
Could you please suggest whether my report is normal?