Semen Analysis (is this report ok for fertility)?

Patient: Dear Doctor,3 days ago I got analysis of my semen. Report is appended below.Quantity: 3.8mlColor: Greyish WhiteTransparency: OpaqueViscosity: ViscousTime of Liquefaction: 30 MINPH: 7.5Fructose: PositiveSperms Count: 28MIL/MLLive Count: 18.5MIL/MLSperms per Ejaculate: 106.4MLPercentage Motile Sperms: 66%Rapid Linear Progression: 15%Slow/Non Linear Progression: 50%Non Progressive: 35%Morphology, Normal form: 60%Large Oval: 06%Small Oval: 07%Tapering: 09%Amorphous: 11%PIN: 04%MID Piece Abnormalities: 03%WBC’S: 03RBC’S 04_______________________________Please tell me do I need any treatment, if yes please suggest a treatment and are there any threats?I shall be very thankful to you. Thanks.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to askthedoctor.comConsidering the sperm analysis report the count appears slightly lo w but the standard normal range is 15-85 million/ml sperms. So that’s normal. Overall, report is normal and at present no real treatment is required from a medical point of view.Regards