Semen Analysis Report Interpretation

Patient: I’d like help interpreting my husbands semen analysis results they read as followsLiquification complete: YesViscosity: Moderate-LowpH: 7.2Odor: nonecolor:opaqueVolume/mL 3.5 mlsperm concentration/ml 136,000,000sperm count/specimen: 476,000,000Total% progressive 59%Motility 3-4

Doctor: A semen analysis measures the amount and quality of semen a man produces. Results of a semen analysis usually from lab t o lab and are best interpreted with respect to the normal values of the respective lab. As per the World Health Organisation criteria (2010) for interpreting semen analysis reports, the normal values are as follows:Semen Parameters Normal ValuesSemen volume 1.5 – 5 ml per ejaculationLiquefaction time 20–30 minutes after collectionSemen pH: 7.2–8.0Sperm shape (morphology): More than 4% of the sperm have normal shape.Sperm count: 15 million spermatozoa per milliliter or more40 million spermatozoa per ejaculate or moreSperm vitality (living sperms): More than 60% of the spermatozoa should be livingSperm movement (motility) More than 32% of the sperm show normal forward movement after 1 hour.White blood cells < 1,00,000 white blood cellsAs per these reference values, your husband's semen analysis results seem to be normal.Hope you find this information useful and complete your family soon.