Semen Analysis Report Results

Patient: Please tell me about my semen analysis reportSemen physical quantity 4.0mlColor grayish whiteTransparency opaqueViscosity viscousTime of collection 11:15mintTime of liquefaction 30minPh 7.5Semen analysis chemical fructose positiveSperm count 23 mill/mlLive count 20 mil/mlSperm per ejaculate 92 milMotilityPercentage motile sperm 43%Rapid linear progression 05%Slow/non lin progression 50%Non progressive 45%Sperm morphology normal form 35%Head abnormalitySmall oval 30%Tapering 10%Amorphous 25%Mid pies abnormality other cellsGerm cell 03Wbc’s 02Rbc’s 00Squamous cells 00

Semen Analysis Report Results-1