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Semen comes out without my will

Patient: My semen comes out without my will as i am suffering from night fall.Sometimes after urination my semen comes out without my will .And there is sometimes pain in testees also.I manstubate very less . Means once in a month .Suffering from night fall also …After night fall my next day i usually have a pain at tge side of my legs behind the scrotm .Plz help me



Symptoms: Pain in side of legs where they both are join behind scrotom



Doctor: Thank you for your questions. Nocturnal emissions (‘night fall’) is very common in young males and is not cause for you to worry. However, if you are experiencing pain in your testes, and premature ejaculation as you have described, we recommend you have these issues addressed by a doctor who can examine you and perform necessary testing to rule out any serious etiologies of your illness.Thank you for choosing

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Patient: Sir thanku you for the reply .
Going to doctor is neccerssry or can be ignored ?.
And sir there is pain on the sides of my legs from where the pennis starts behind the testis .
Is this pain linked with my night fall problem

Patient: I am afraid of going to the doctor for this problem


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