Serious Itching on my nose !!!

Patient: Hi ! i am 16years old and i think maybe two year now i have been getting this sudden itch sometimes on a daily basis ; The sudden itch itches so much that it feels like something is moving on my skin , by the way it doesn’t itch inside my nose often but it itches all the time outside my nose !! I really need to what is it !! is it some dust allergy but what because its itches so much sometimes that i scratch and scratch , as many i have blackheads but i dont know if that may causes my nose to itch so much , but i highly doubt thatPlease i need ANY help i cold get so i would know if to visit a doctor urgently or not , i really dont know if it has anything to do with the thyroid gland but i never checked that before maybe i shouldyou be the judge thxx and i anticipate any help you can offer thx alotAlso at time my eyes itches to Aand my nose becomes runny at nights and in the morning and i sneeze alot !! and it hurts my back very hard when i sneeze , i really don’t know if the air condition has anything to do with the the runny nose thx agn