Serious side effects of Moclobemide

Patient: My apologies but I could not see the appropriate subject in the category of questions therefore I chose aging. I was prescribed Moclobomide around 2005 as I was supposed to be depressed, although I’ve argued this since. I happened to be in hospital because of a completely unrelated condition and for whatever reason they referred me to a Psychiatrist who came to see me on the ward. After a fairly long conversation he agreed I was not depressed and that I should never have been prescribed this medictation in the first placed. He immediately stopped it, morning tablet first completely then the idea being gradually taking less of the evening one until finished. My question is this, What are the side effects of taking this medication which has been deemed unneccessary

Doctor: Moclobemide is relatively well tolerated and also does not produce any sedative, dependance or withdrawal side effects. Thus gradually tapering the medication over a few weeks may not cause any harm.