Seven months pregnant with Scabies should I take Stromectol vermectin

Patient: My wife is 7 months pregnant and over the course of the last year she was developing a rash. The doctor just blew her off and then she became pregnant and it got really bad. She went to a skin specialist and she was diagnosed with scabies. She recommended Kwellada and she used that several times but they did not go away. I think she has Norwegian scabies and the treatment for that is to use stromectol which has ivermectin. I have read articles but nothing indicates if she can take this while pregnant. If she waits until she gives birth before taking the drug then she cannot breast feed or hold the baby. We have talked to our doctor, pharmacist and health Canada and no one can give us any direction. This is an extremely serious decision and I dont feel comfortable making it on my own and I am not getting any health from any medical professional. Please help

Doctor: I do understand you concern for your wife’s health but I would not recommend ivermectin for treatment of scabies in her case. Ivermectin has been known to cause teratogenic effects in animal studies and safety has not been established in pregnant women. It is also not recommended for lactating mothers.Failure of treatment could be due to a misdiagnosis, inadequate application of pediculicide, resistance or reinfection. Your wife may even try the use of 5 or 10 percent precipitated sulfur in petrolatum that is applied to the entire body for 24 hours and then reapplied every 24 hours for the next two days. It is essential that all linen contacts and clothes be washed in hot water and dried in a dryer for successful environmental control of scabies infection. I hope the information helps.