Sever and worsening asthma:Use of corticosteroids

Patient: Hi mi name is Nazia i m asthma patient from last 10 yrs and nowadays i m facing severe allergy,wheezing cough,mucus. My problem get severe when i do hard exercise,hardwork,Cold weather,.My doctor is giving me steroids and i personaly dont want to take them plz suggest me some other medicines except steroids.Plz help me.

Doctor: Your asthma seems to be under poor control. Usually oral /inhaled steroids are the way to get this under control and bet ter. You will need these medications or the other option is that you avoid exercising and going out in the cold ie avoid potential allergens and exacebants that lead to the symptoms.  You could take a trial of the inhaled steriods as their systemic effect is less than that of the oral ones. However it is important to take them as they can subside and prevent your symptoms.Once the asthma is better controlled you can eventually taper them down. I suggest you talk to your Family physician about your concerns and why exactly you do not want to take steroids. I notice that you are already on beclomethasone which is an inhaled steroid and since even that is not working your next option is oral corticosteroids. There are other medications like long acting beta blockers like salmeterol and leukotriene antagonist however these have not been shown to be as effective as steroids. All the best.