Severe allergic asthma

Patient: Doctor I have severe allergies to everything, grass trees dust mites, ragweed dust etc. I took allergy shots for 5 years, with little or no relirg. When I get severe allergies my fACE IS RED, MY EYES ITCH BAD, I AM SOME SHORT OF BREATH[CAN SEVERE ALLERGIES CAUSE SHORTNESS OF BREATH] I TAKEN I AM SURE TO MUCH STEROID MEDROL PILLS-SHOOTS. bUT STEROIDS ARE THE ONLY THING TRHAT GIVES ME RELIEF FOR A WHILE. DOES BUTTERBUR HERBS HELP. DOCTOR CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THIS TERRIBLE CONDITION THANK You—ps I have tried allegra singular Sudafed, zytec, not much help.


Doctor: You seem to have tried multiple approaches for your allergy management, already. Allergy Shots or Immunotherapy usually doesn’t work well, in people who are poly-sensitized (sensitive to many allergens at the same time). Yes, shortness of breath can be seen in allergic patients. It is due to bronchospasms (constriction of the airways) when the body comes in contact with the offending environmental agent. Since you are being adversely affected by your environment, it is strongly recommended that you shift to a new place, where there is absence of at least the identified sources of allergens. In the mean while, consult an Allergy Specialist, to reassess your clinical condition and review your current medicine schedule for its adequacy. It is important that you see a doctor immediately.