Severe Allergy from scent of almost everything

Patient: HelloI am suffering from a severe problem. The world has become a very dangerous place for me. I am suffering from some kind of elergy or i dont exactly know what. When i smell something, it effects me and i start sneezing. The matter is not upto sneezing. If it was, i wouldnt be that upset. The severity of this matter is that, this smell settles down in my throat and i can taste it and it becomes a nuisance for me like a severe virus and it teases me a lot. It resides there and after some time (usually next day) i wake up to find this has become worse and it turns into some kind of disease like extreme irritation in throat or extreme flu or something like that. Now it is becoming more and more severe. In childhood it was not there. In teenage it was there but not this much. Now i am 25 and its increasing at an incredible rate. The whole world has become dangerous for me. Whether it be surf, lemon max powder, detergent, soap, perfume, body spray, and even the scent coming from page of an old book. IS THAT NORMAL? Even the scent of a page of an old book resides and turns into cough. I cant go anywhere. I cant do anything. When i go to doctors they treat it as some light ellergy and simple give some anti allergy. Truth is these anti allergies aint helping me. Please advise me.