Severe allergy to hair dye

Patient: I am haveing a sever reaction to hair dye. i went to the e.r. yesterday with weeping scalp, hives and a swollen head. to the point that my eyes were nearly shu. i was given inrveinious drugs at the hospitol wich have eased the hives and weeping. i was given a prescription for methlprednisolone. today is my first day of the prescription. do you have any advise or can you tell me how long to expect the swelling to last.

Doctor: The mainstay of allergy treatment is with anti-histamines and anti-inflammatories, usually in the form of steroid. The f irst step should be discontinued use of the hair dye and avoidance of this product in the future. Regular anti-histamines together with a cold compress may help to reduce the swelling, which should resolve over time. It is difficult to predict the duration of the swelling, but with the steroid injection, oral steroid and oral antihistamine you should see a marked improvement over the next few days.