Severe back pain coinciding with period?

Patient: For the last few days I have been enduring the most excruciating back pain I’ve ever experienced. Some 6 months ago, I would wake up in the morning with this back pain which would quickly disappear. It wasn’t anything major so I didn’t think anything of it. It seemed to disappear for a while, or at least I stopped noticing it, until a few days ago..I remember feeling slightly nauseous and then started getting cramps and figured my period was on the way, which came the next day. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, I started experiencing severe lower back pain around my pelvis to the point where I haven’t been able to move at times.. I managed to see one doctor who literally did nothing for me. I’ve been taking pain killers which aren’t doing much, as well as anti-inflammatories which seem to be working a little.I’m wondering if my back pain is linked to my period? It doesn’t feel muscular and I don’t recall doing anything to aggravate my muscles or joints in such an aggressive way.

Symptoms: Severe lower back pain coinciding with period
Very little period pain (less than usual)
Very light flow (less than usual)

Doctor: You have complained of low back pain during menstrual period or menses. It is medically termed as menstruation back ache . It is seen in few individual. Analgesics before the anticipated pain starts,helps a lot. Avoiding tea, coffee and other beverages, healthy diet, plenty of food, regular exercises, will help you to learn a lot. Few women might be cured by medication or birth control pills. Consult a gynecologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.