Severe Back Pain in Lower Back. Close to Spine.

Patient: SO, here’s the thing.. I was sitting on the couch playing around on my laptop for a little while when i suddenly got this unbearable pain in the right of my back. It’s right below the ribs close to the spine.. I thought it was my kidney at first but I went to the bathroom and it stayed. I put some theragel on it to calm the pain but it didnt lessen. I pushed around and when I hit a spot pain just took over and my spine felt like it was getting pulled. it soared from that spot down to my tail bone. My legs have been stiff as well.. I decided to ask on here because I have no medical insurance because i recently move stated states.. If I could think of one thing i would say a pinched nerve.. but when I had one before i never had the pulling feeling.. My legs have been aching also, and it hurts at random times, but more when I’m bending over or backwards, or if I’m walking.. even laying on my stomach

Doctor: After reviewing your question, the pain in your back seems most likely to be a musculo-skeletal pain. I would suggest to apply an anti-inflammatory locally and take Ibuprofen of Tylenol for about a week. In the meanwhile refrain from any strenuous activity and lifting heavy weights but continue normal routine.In the pain does not relieve within a week or gets worse you may need to visit a doctor for examination of your back for other causes of pain like UTI and kidney stones. Hope the information is helpful, take care.