Severe Back Pain-Pregnancy

Patient: I’ve barely started experiencing severe lower back pain and its getting worse each minute it seems like, I am in my third trimester of my pregnancy, and I know for sure its probably more enhanced because I am pregnant but I don’t think its the sole reason of why I’m experiencing this pain. Can You please help me???

Symptoms: Severe lower back pain all the time, when I sit up lay down, bend over.. almost anything I do is triggering sharp pain.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Backache is a common problem in pregnancy.With increasing gestational age, due to increased lumbar lordosis and relaxation of joints, severity of backache can increase.Taking rest, calcium and vitamin supplements, local analgesic ointments can releive backache to some extent.Left lateral position is preferred during rest as per as possible.If needed you can go for oral analgesic tablets with your doctor’s advice.Take care.