Severe back pain with muscle spasms

Patient: This August I had extreme pain in my back and muscles spasms for over 3 weeks it felt like hot knives been pushed into my back. My Dr could not explain to me why. during this time the pain was so bad that I lost 17lbs in 3 weeks (vomiting). My back still has pain and feels very heavy and at times it feels like someone is squeezing my rib. the pain is not localized but moves all over my back. My Dr has no answers and told me to take sleeping pills and i will get better .. Please tell me I am not crazy???

Doctor: In the view of your age, the severity of the pain and the associated symptoms (vomiting and weight loss) I strongly reco mmend a comprehensive evaluation by a specialist Orthopedic Surgeon or Spine Surgeon, this evaluation should include lab  and imaging tests to rule out serious spine issues and from there , once determined the cause, proceed to select the best treatment option in your case.