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Severe bone pain after surgery in lower back

Patient: I had serious back surgey 5 mo. ago. I am healing, and the back pain is minimal, except I have extreme pain on the bones very low on the back….both sides. It so sereve it limits my walking…I have to stop. My sugeon thinks it is my lower back still healing, but it is not in the area of the back. It is on both sides, and when I press on it, it seems like it is part of my pelvis. I hate Itto keep asking the sugeon about this. It really is hampering my walking. 🙁 It seems like it is in the area of my prlvis on both sides



Symptoms: Bone pain in lower back/pelvic area after back surgery…..



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and concerns.(To recapitulate: Female / 66-75 – unde rgone a back surgery 5 months ago – extreme pain on the bones very low on the back on both sides – limits walking – has to stop – it is on the area of pelvis on both sides).The area you have noted looks to me as the area of Sacro-iliac joints. These are actually immobile joints and for whatever reasons has gone into inflammation.This can be confirmed by your Orthopedic Surgeon by clinical evaluation, physical examination and investigations like CT scan / MRI.Proper anti-inflammatory medicines, oral steroids if you are not diabetic, rest, supportive belt and if required a fixative Surgery can be done for getting you symptom-free.Please get this confirmed from an Orthopedic Surgeon.I hope this answer helps you to get a proper diagnosis, and get a proper further treatment. Please feel free to ask for more if you need to or if you feel that there is a gap of communication.

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Patient: my doctor said naproxin or that :”steroid” pack wouldn’t work……….he said it could interfere with the healing bones in my back?………what does a fixative Surgery consist of? I still wear my brass from when I first had surgery and have a supportive belt. I still cannot be on my feet for more than 30 min. They know where the pain is located but said it would heal along with my back….well, it hasn’t done that. It only stops hurting when I rest. I am supposed to walk alot, but I can’t……very frustrated

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Please Continue Naproxen if it is helping; take PPI like Pantoprozole to avoid gastric acidity problems.
Surgery was done 5 months back, the healing of the bones take only 3 to 6 weeks.
First of all get confirmation of Sacro-iilitis as I am suspecting from your classical history.
These are the joints that join sacrum with two ilium on either side to make a pelvis girdle, this is about 1 to 2 inches away from the mid-line of the lowest back on both the sides.
If these are causing so much problems as to make walking difficult, the joints can be fused together by opening and putting a bone-cement to fix them , in a hope that they will be fixed. This will stop the movement of the joint and the pain will go away.
This also means that the belt is ineffective or less effective in controlling the pain.
You may please take a second opinion of another Orthopedic Surgeon to confirm the reason of the pain.
And if this is sacro-iilitis and the fixation of these joints make the pain go way, your life will be improved and you can walk and stand for longer time (if allowed by your operating Surgeon).
So please get the diagnosis faster.
Please fell free to discuss any relevant points further,


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