Severe burn feeling on forehead above eyebrow

Patient: I got a strange thing on my forehead,right above the eyebrow. is like little stones side by side,under the skin. give me pain at touch,and burn continuously ,pulsing. the burn feeling affect the near zones too extending on all forehead till eye. the skin is red and dry there. I cannot even frown. apparead 3 days ago suddenly. never before happened. I don’t know what can be, why apparead and what I can do .anyone can answer me?

Doctor: Such localized, subcutaneous, painful nodules around the eyebrow, could be due to folliculitis (infection of the hair fo llicles) as a result of hair plucking. It may also occur due to insect bite or a viral infection. It is required that you see a Dermatologist for a proper clinical assessment of your condition and specific therapy, immediately.