Severe Congestion! Cannot breathe.

Patient: How can I cure this consistent severe sinus congestion?


Symptoms: Severe congestion, cannot breathe, haven’t been able to sleep.

Doctor: Severe congestion of nose seen in common cold or sinusitis, can be treated either with local nasal decongestants or oral decongestants. Usually topical nasal drugs will be sufficient, but rarely oral drugs will have additive results. Consult a physician for the prescription of drugs. Steam inhalation and breathing exercises will be helpful.


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Guest: Hi, I am experiencing intermittent virus symptoms for almost 6 months now, I have been to GP few times and he is not doing anything. My GP has forwarded to me to the hospital however they have given me appointment 3 months later, it is really hard for me to breath from mouth for all these months 24/7.. My symptoms are blocked nose for last 4-5 months, headaches for last 2-3 months and night sweats/chills for last 2-3 weeks, but no cold, fatigue and weakness. The symptoms stays 24 hours day and night and does not disappear. I have tried last 2 months, Vicks, inhalers, nasal decongestant sprays, Steroid Sprays, steam and almost all Indian and Chinese remedies, also tried all the anti-biotic, and almost all tablets I could get my hands on… but none of them working or they might have worked for day or two and no luck after that. I would be very grateful if you have any advice. Thank you.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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