Severe degenerative disc disease C3 to T1

Patient: 1.Severe degenerative disc disease present with marked loss of disc space height and moderate chronic loss of adjacent vertebral body height extending from C3 through T1. 2.Moderate sized central disc protrusion compressing the ventral spinal cord. How bad are these problems and what do they mean?

Doctor: Degenerative disc disease produces changes in the vertebrae that along with the bulging disc are causing a nerve compre ession which is the cause of the pain. The treatment options depend on the age, severity of the pain, neurologic symptoms present and if you have some other associated health issue. The first approach is conservative as a Physical Therapy program aimed to control pain and inflammation along with anti inflammatory medication, if there is no improvement and with time the pain is worse and intractable you should get a reevaluation by an orthopedic surgeon or spine surgeon to decide if Surgery might be consider as a treatment option for you.