Severe depression

Patient: I read information in religion aspects but since i know this new information and i feel severe depression and stress and i can’t concentrate on anything on my life, i can’t sleep well and i have nightmares when i sleep. all the time i think in this information that i read. i want to erase this information from my memory by any way, but i don’t know what should i do?

Doctor: I empathize with your situation. It is not clear what you really read about ‘information’ in religion aspects. Of course religion could be both helpful to some and problematic to others. It is that we need to pickup what is right and appropriate for us. It is necessary not to get too involved with anything and religion in particular.As for as your question all the symptoms you have mentioned are indicators of depression. That means you should not neglect it any more. Please see the family physician or the specialist to get the treatment for depression. That will help over come sadness, lack of concentration, sleeplessness and the nightmares. We advice you do this as early as possible.