Severe Depression Symptoms with Anxiety

Patient: Hi i have been suffering for years with depression and over the last couple of years i have had the following symptoms Depression – sometimes thing ending my life is the only solution Anxiety- panic, fast heart beat, have to catch my breath, sometimes chest pains everything seems to be too stressful for me like answer a simple question irritable mood changes frequently daily get so angry very easily – sometimes to the point i just want to get a knife a slice my wrist can’t sleep always tired don’t take care of myself anymore – go days with out a shower and wear dirty clothes don’t want to eat headaches daily paranoid people are talking about me, don’t like me anti social – don’t talk to anyone unless they speak to me first and i only answer them with short answer. sometimes freeze and mind goes blank very forgetful don’t leave my house unless i have to. scared to meet or talk to people i don’t know. always want to be alone. what do you think is wrong with me?

Doctor: I understand your apprehension, and it seems that your symptoms of depression have worsened and you have been experienci ng a lot of other symptoms associated with this condition. You may want to consult a psychiatrist for psycho therapy which may be a good option for you along with some medications. Also, you need to continue the therapy and medications, and if you feel some side effects from the medications you need to co ordinate with your doctor to adjust the dosage or change up the medication without taking any breaks in your treatment. You should feel improvement in your symptoms slowly with therapy. Follow a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle for an effective outcome.