Severe dizziness with blurred vision during pregnancy

Patient: I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child. This morning, I was feeling a little lightheaded but I attributed it to standing too quickly. After a couple of minutes, I became VERY dizzy and felt like ligh I was going to pass out. My vision became blury but I thought it would pass. Several minutes later, my symptoms got worse and my vision became tunneled. My hearing became muffled and it sounded like I had ear plugs in. It became bad enough that I had to grip the door to keep from falling over and sit on the floor. After a few minutes it began to subside. Since happening this morning, I have felt lightheaded and have a headache. I called my doctor but she is out of town. The on-call doctor told me to make sure I am drinking enough water, eating throughout the day, and to call back if it happens again. I was unable to have my blood pressure taken during the symptoms, but this afternoon it was 128 76.

Doctor: Dizziness and feeling faint is quite common during pregnancy. Due to dramatic changes occurring in the cardiovascular sy stem during pregnancy, your heart pumps more blood per minute, and the amount of blood in your body expands by 40 to 45 percent. Most of the time, your cardiovascular and nervous systems are able to adjust to all these changes, but occasionally they don’t, which can leave you feeling lightheaded or a bit dizzy. Some common causes of lightheadedness include :Standing up too fastLying on your backNot enough food and drinkAnemiaGetting overheatedHyperventilation andVasovagal syncopeFeeling lightheaded from heat, hunger, or getting up too fast may just be a part of being pregnant. Be sure to call your healthcare provider if you have persistent lightheadedness or frequent bouts of dizziness.