Severe Hair loss in recent past

Patient: Hi Doctor ,I’m 29 year male. I’m suffering from male pattern baldness since 3 years. Now i lost most of my hairs in my frontal area. When i consulted dermatologist , he suggested to take following medicines.1. Mintop Forte Foam 5% (Tropical solution ; Apply 2 times a day : morning after bath / night before bedtime )2. Halox – Apply it after 10 mins of Minoxidil/Minitop solution (Only for first 10 days)3. Finax (Finasteride) 1mg – Daily night 1 tablet4. Adgain – Daily night 1 tabletI’m bit hesitant to take Minoxidil / Finasteride because of the following reasons- Have to continue this medicine life long- Many people reported that stopping these medicines after sometime will cause very drastic hair loss than what we had- Finasteride might have side-effects on sexual hormones.Would like to know how effective would be the Minoxidil / Finasteride for regrowing the hair? How long do we have to proceed with this medicine ? What are the possible side-effects ? Is there any other better alternative for treating male pattern baldness.I’m completely stuck and lost all my confidence because of my hair loss. Your response would be really helpful to me. Many Thanks.

Symptoms: Increased in number of falling hairs