Severe head ache with cold

Patient: Dear sirthis is balaji age of 20 years. i am working in powerplant since 16 months . i suffering with cold @ cough since one month. i am using medicines but i didnt find any result ,from last two days i suffering with severe head ache . i thought that headache occurred due to cold but it is coming frequently with gap of 10 hours . please provide ur suggestions

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that your prolonged cold symptoms could be due to chronic sinusitis. This ca n occur when bacteria infect the sinus cavities of the face leading to a very persistent and challenging to treat infection. Chronic sinusitis can precipitate severe headaches also, which may be the reason you are experiencing such headaches as well. We strongly recommend that you return for a complete evaluation of your infection. You may need to conduct an MRI to determine the severity of this infection by visualizing which sinuses are inflamed. You will likely be treated with stronger antibiotics, and nasal decongestant medication to assist in alleviating your symptoms.Thank you for consulting