Severe headaches almost daily

Patient: I have horrible headaches almost daily. They are getting worse. I have a previous med history of a compression fracture (c7) also i have past med history of infections from hernia mesh and open wounds from the mesh. would this be a pinched nerve or something to do with the infections? I have no family dr but i am on anti depressants…lexapro 20 mg daily. from a psyc dr.

Symptoms: Sharp piercing headaches daily

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Anti depressants would help only if the pain is of Tension Type Headache.Your pain seems to be due to Cervical Myalgia’s or Migraine.Migraine is usually unilateral, associated with throbbing, photophobia and phonophobia.See your doctor. If he feels this is Migraine headache then he would treat you with drugs like Flunarizine, Propanolol, Amitryptilline.For Cervical Myalgia’s you should do hot fomentation of the affected area.I hope it helpsStay Healthy.