Severe Knee Pain in An Athlete, Help!

Patient: So, Last week I hurt my knee during basketball practice. My coach had a resistance band around my waist while I was doing defensive slides. When he said the word “rotate” I was instructed to turn to my left and continue sliding. When I turned my foot remained facing forward, while my knee and the rest of my body turned left. I felt a painful ‘pull’ in my inner knee and a pop. I have know been out of track and basketball for a few days now. The pain is in the inside of my knee near my kneecap, but lower on my knee. It hurts to apply pressure to the point and It hurts to twist my knee at all and put all my weight on it. It hurts even more to straighten it and to bend it too much as well. Any idea what that could be? Thanks so much!-Maya

Symptoms: sharp pain in knee at ALL TIMES. Limp, pain sometimes occurs in the back of the knee as well.