Severe leg swelling after a c-section

Patient: My daughter has leg swelling so bad, she cries every time she has to use the restroom, her legs won’t bend and are huge…The Dr.’s keep saying it’s normal, but something is telling me it’s not, it seems to severe…The pain medication does not help her at all.

Doctor: Leg swelling quite often occurs as a part of pregnancy and can be very severe. However, it usually resolves two to three weeks after delivery. To aid in resolution your daughter should try to keep the legs elevated on a pillow or two especially at nights. Persist leg swelling is often an indication that somethin more serious is wrong and requires thorough investigation. Perhaps the most important thing to rule out is a clot in the leg called Deep Vein Thrombosis. If the swelling persist despite appropriate treament you should speak with her doctor about this possibility.