Severe localized pain at meatus when urinating

Patient: I received unprotected oral sex 5 days ago (I am a straight male). The girl had been sick with some sort of throat infection, she believes it is mono. 2 days after, I experienced some pain while urinating. Since, it has gotten worse and localized solely to the inside tip of the meatus. I have no difficulty urinating besides getting through the pain. It flows the same way and is not discolored. From time to time, the meatus will be partially stuck together. She has what appear to be several canker sores on the moveable tissue of her mouth, tongue, and throat. What could this be?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you contracted a sexually transmitted infection such as gonorrhea or ch lamydia. Given the fact that your partner was ill at the time of sexual intercourse leads us to believe you contracted this illness form her. We recommend that you promptly get examined by a doctor, conduct a urine test, and have the urethral meatus swabbed and sent to a laboratory for culturing. This will assist the doctor in determining which STI you have become infected with. In the meantime you will be treated with antibiotics which should clear this infection without complication.Please be guided accordingly.