Severe migraine headaches

Patient: I have suffered from severe migraines since I was about 9 years old. I am 22 now, and I still get one about once every other month. I want to once and for all know what they are called because they are so much more severe than an ordinary migraine. Here are the symptoms: First, I see a blur in one of my eyes, about 15 minutes after that my head starts pounding and my eyes start having intense pain. Another 10 minutes after that it spreads to my entire body, and my stomach starts to have extreme pain. Within 45 minutes of the first symptom I am in such pain that nothing can help and then I start to vomit. I usually vomit 3-4 times before the migraine ends. It normally lasts 3-4 hours and then stops. I will briefly describe the pain: It feels like someone is ripping my eyeballs out with a spoon or knife, my head feels like there are nails being shaken up inside, and my stomach feels like it’s being heavily drilled, also my body is very weak. I would like to know what kind of migraine this is called? Thank you for your time!

Symptoms: Severe pain in eyes, head and stomach

Doctor: HI.Thank you for your query and an elucidate history.I have read and understood your concerns. You have started th ese episodes from the age of 9 years. This means you are having the problem for 11 years now. I hope that by this time you must have undergone all the possible tests related to this problem.With the history you have provided, this looks to be more than just migraine.I would advise you to have a detailed workup again:- Second opinion of the another Neurologist.- Try for a department with a Neuro-Psychiatric wing, you have to search for this.- MRI on the latest Machines.- EEG during the attack.- Your problem is definitely stress-related, you have to cork on this point as well.- Change of lifestyle, job, place, situations, diet, foods, beverages, and whatever you can. And see if this helps.- You have to find the trigger factors, now that you are grown up and I hope you understand what I mean by. Avoid them at any cost.-Try alternate therapies like Acupressure or Puncture.I hope this answer helps you to get to the root cause and help better life.