Severe pain at the tibial tuberosity.

Patient: I have knee pain right at the tibial tuberosity (sp). It was first diagnosed as tendonitis, so I went to PT for awhile. PT seemed to not do anything and at some points would make it worse by inflaming the are and increasing the selling. X-rays have come back negative or normal and the MRI showed swelling but didn’t appear to show any structural damage. This was told to me by an orthopedic doctor here in Hampton, Iowa who works out of Fort Dodge, Iowa. I have tried everything from ice to PT to elevation and rest. I have wore a hinged knee brace that limited flexing to only 40% for about a month and nothing seems to work. I have been inactive now for over 7 months, so we know rest is not working. A couple weeks ago as a last ditch effort to help with pain they put a cortisone shot in the knee joint itself. He said they can not put it into the tendon because it weakens it and could tear. He was hoping that the residual effect would help with pain. That did not work either. It hurts to go up steps. I can not walk long distances and jumping or running is out of the question. I tried doing some things here the past week because I have thought that if there is no structural damage then it is just a pain tolerance thing that I should be able to push through it. I played college baseball and basketball and fighting through a little pain was never a big deal. It is now to the point I can not put weight on my left leg without having this pain in my knee which feels like a knife jabbing right at the top of my shin. I do have a bump there and they thing I may have had Osgood Schlatters as a kid. I am getting more and more frustrated because I have always been athletic and now I can not do a thing without severe pain. I am asking for help in maybe you could assist me in finding what is wrong? Would an Oceotomy take care of the pain by going in and removing the bump? Thank you for your time. Sorry this is so long.

Symptoms: Severe knee pain at the tibial tuberosity (sp)

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for your query.I have gone through your query and understand your concern.You are having tendinitis. I ts primary treatment is rest and analgesic such as ibuprofen. You can avoid more activities. Vitamin B and C is helpful in recovery. You can get your vitamin D3 level as vitamin D3 deficiency can cause unexplained pain. If found low you can take its supplements.Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health. Take care.