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Severe pain from my left flank to my abdomen

Patient: I have severe pain on my left side from my abdomen to my back. Twisting, laying on my left side, pushing off a chair or the ground with my left arm, a deep breath, sneezing, and even pressure on the left side of my abdomen from my cell phone causes pain to shoot to my left flank. I went to the emergency room and they said I had a kidney infection. They also tested for a blood clot and found no evidence of one. I took all the antibiotics as proscribed but the pain isn’t any better. I don’t have pain when I pee and my urine is clear (I can’t see any blood). I made an appointment with my GP but I can’t get in for another 8 days. Is it okay for me to wait that long or should I go back to the emergency room? Also, I had a fever when I went to the hospital but I don’t have a thermometer so I don’t know if I have a fever but I do have bouts of flushness, not a hot flash but a feverish feeling. Also, I’ve had the pain for 15 days and it started just after a bad cough, which the emergency room doctor thought was whooping cough based on my description and the duration of the cough. I’d actually been sick with a could/cough for a month but as soon as those symptoms disappeared and I started to feel better the pain in my side started. Lastly, I had x-rays and their was no sign of a broken rib or pneumonia.




Symptoms: Severe pain in left side from abdomen to flank. Pain with a deep breath, laying on left side and stomach, pain with mild pressure on left abdomen, pain with sneezing.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We recommend that if your pain is severe, you should go to the emergency department. One po ssibility for this pain could due to an infection or inflammation of the kidney. Since you were previously diagnosed with this we recommend that you return to the emergency room to see if your kidney infection has returned. You may need to be restarted on another course of antibiotics. If left untreated, you could potentially be in danger for permanent kidney damage.Thank you for choosing


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