Severe pain in both heel and arches

Patient: I have a very bad pain in both heels and sometimes in the arch of my feet. I have seen several specialists and i was originally told i had severs disease, and a few years after that i was told it was plantar fasciitis. After seeing the last specialist and having not heard back from them yet i am beginning to wonder what i actually have. I have had this pain for little over 10 years now and having shoe insets and night splits to wear, i am beginning to wonder what i can really do to help. Do these symptoms sound like plantar fasciitis or something else? Burning heels and sometimes aching arch pain even without weight on it.

Doctor: Plantar Fasciitis, which is produced by inflammation of the insertion on the heel of the plantar fascia (a fibrous laye er that supports the plantar arch muscles and ligaments), may cause remarkable heel and arch pain that alters your normal daily activities.  Initially the pain tends to decrease with walking but gets worse throughout the day as activity increases. The pain worsens by walking barefoot on hard surfaces or walking up stairs. The causes of Plantar Fasciitis are: aging, heel fat pad thinning, too low-arched or too high arched foot, weakness of the calf muscles, leg-length discrepancy, walking or running with inappropriate shoe type on poor cushioned surfaces, a change in the walking or running routine. In your case wearing high heels could have caused retraction of the plantar fascia, and now when you wear flat shoes the stretching of the fascia is what hurts. The suggested strategy to treat conservatively plantar fasciitis would be: physical therapy aimed to stretch the muscles of the calf and foot, using ice packs after the exercise routine to decrease inflammation and pain, relative rest (avoiding activities that reproduce the heel pain), use of anti-inflammatory medications (example: “Advil”) and replacement of worn-out shoes by adequately cushioned shoes.