Severe premature ejaculation.

Patient: I just recently began suffering from premature ejaculation. this is extremely stressful and damaging to my self confidence. it started maybe around 3 weeks ago. i have been suffering extreme depression and suicidal thoughts for awhile now and this problem has severely upped those problems for me. i have been smoking marijuana for atleast 4 years now and after being on the anti-depressant walbutrin (which worked for the first few months but has begun not giving me its original affect), ive noticed that i have very extreme shakes, both when im high and not high, and the marijuana also has been affecting me differently. i have become extremely paranoid and very nervous, its almost like i have changed into a whole new person. but the psychological problems i have under control, my main problem is the premature ejaculation. i read some of the tips that popped up but i don’t want to stop smoking marijuana. so what is something i can do to help this problem?