Severe shoulder pain

Patient: I’m having a lot of pain in my right shoulder/arm. It started about 2 months ago and seems to be getting worse. Very painful!

Symptoms: Severe pain x 2 months, cant reach above my head, keeps me awake at night, painful to do anything really. Feels like a burning/ stinging/stabbing pain. It seems to be worse in the morning but continues all day. What could this be? I’m really tired of being in pain and it’s not getting any better, worse if anything.

Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query on ATD.I have gone through your query and understand your concern. You are l ikely to be having frozen shoulder. It is also called adhesive capsulitis. In this movement of the shoulder joint is restricted and pain is more in the night. Treatment of it is mobilisation exercises of shoulder and analgesic such as ibuprofen for pain relief. With exercises, movements return back and there is a gradual reduction in pain.Hope your query get answered.Wishing you a good health.Take care.