Severe skin allergies, dry eys and prickly skin after sun burn

Patient: I got a bad sunburn last summer on my neck and back. I developed water blisters that night where I was burned. I went to bed after putting some cortisone 10 on it, anyway after a few days it healed, or at least I thought it healed. Now my skin has been sensitized to the sun and even warmth or heat, the Doc says forever!!!!!!!!! My neck always itches, and gets blotchy when warm or when I exercise. I cannot even keep warm in the cold of being outside in the winter, as any warmth on my upper body causes my skin to react. It even triggers severe dry eyes when the skin reaction occurs. Life is now filled with prickly skin, rashes, severe dry eyes and sadness.Stay out of the sun folks, for gods sake don’t tan, its not worth the daily hell. All I can afford is generic Benadryl to relieve the itches and lower the constant histamine releases…. I pray to God all the time, to please heal me. I feel like just sitting in a dark cave or worse…. please someone…….. ­čÖü

Symptoms: prickly skin, small red sores, larger pink patches, severe sensitivity to any snug, or heavy shirts, all jackets and coats cause severe dry eyes to occur first, then skin prickers and itchy skin and rashes

Doctor: Severe dryness of skin with dry eyes, associated with photosensitivity. I wonder if you also have dryness in the mouth. If yes, please see your doctor to rule out the possibility of Sjogren’s syndrome (a condition where such symptoms are seen together). You may also get your Thyroid profile done. Since, these symptoms could also be due to an allergic reaction, you are advised to consult an Allergy Specialist for evaluation. In the mean while, make sure that you use an effective sunscreen lotion (preferably with SPF>40) before going out in sun and avoid taking bath with hot water.