Severe unknown allergic reaction or delayed reaction to bee stings or possible West Nile link

Patient: My husband was stung three times by honey bees one day. except for pain and swelling, no reaction. However , while camping a week later, he woke up with what began with itching behind the ears. By the time he got back from the showers, he was covered head to toe in what he thought was mosquito bites. Within an hour it was itching horribly, spreading, and getting welts which were getting hot to the touch. We thought he then had poison ivy. So we proceeded to treat him with all the sprays and bendryl gel we had. It didnt get better during the day, itching got worse , and lastly , spread to his feet. He is now covered head to toe in itchy , hives or welts and we left by 5PM. He had hard welts everywhere , his back felt like a cobblestone street. He was hot to the touch, but he was freezing, said he had the chills. even on a summer day, he wrapped himself in a blanket on the ride home. he had 2 benadryl tablets at 9:30 P.M. and went to sleep. by the next morning, you could hardly see the welts, he only itched a little. we went to the ER anyway, after the ER and prednisone shot, he was almost perfectly fine by 11:30 AM. He also had West Nile Virus in October of last year. His entire lymphatic system was swollen, they did surgery last Oct to make sure he didnt have cancer . I think he has a weakened immune system possibly. But anyway, Could any of this be related or did he just get into something new while on vacation?