Severe urinary problems.

Patient: Hello. i’m a girl in my early twenties from the uk, that had a problem with recreational ketamine abuse for a number of years. this has resulted in bladder problems that i am having trouble getting treated. i have been to my GP on countless occasions in floods of tears and doubled over in agony and have been told to take a paracetamol and drink water. sometimes i am given antibiotics but on other occasions my urine is clear of infection. symptoms are: constant pain in bladderurinary tract, even makes it impossible to walk most days, tiny quantities of urine being passed atleast every half an hour, a jelly like cloudy substance in urine, looks like something that should come out of your nose, often containing bloody bits, feels almost like tiny excruciating muscle spasms whilst urinating sometimes. i have also been to a and e in desperation from the pain countless times and yet again get told to take a paracetamol and visit my GP. so all in all nothing is getting done. would just like some advice as it is very serious. have been bed ridden, unable to even attempt another pointless trip to my GP, writhing in agony for months, unable to sleep for longer than 15minutes due to the severe discomfort. this is the kind of pain that isn’t even affected by cocodamol. thank you.