Sex 11 days after surgical abortion

Patient: I am a 31 year old female who just had a surgical abortion on 9/19. I started taking the pill immediately (the same day) and have taken it religiously (at the same exact time daily) ever since. I was put on Doxy as an antibiotic to make sure I didn’t get an infection after the procedure.I felt pretty awful and had lots of bleeding the first week, but it tapered off and I started to feel better on Sunday night (8 days afterwards). I finished the course of the antibiotic. I had unprotected sex 11 days (9/29) after the procedure, and took the Plan B pill the next morning (within 15 hours). I was told that the antibiotic can make the regular oral contraceptive less effective. But between my regular pill and the emergency contraceptive taken that quickly, how likely is it that I am covered?

Symptoms: None