Sex at 36 weeks pregnant and 2cm dialated

Patient: Im 36 weeks pregnant and due feb 19th and a few days ago started bleeding and was having contractions and was 3cm dilated and went to the hospital and they were able to stop the contractions and bleeding and sent me home at less than 2cm dialated and told me to be on bed rest and only do light activitys and not over it and return to the hospital if i start bleeding or contracting agian. My husband and i are very sexualy active and have been my whole pregnacy. Can we continue to have sex until i give birth or will this throw me into labor again??

Symptoms: None

Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.Since you have had a recent history of premature labor and had been tocolysed and sent hom e to have bed rest, it is important that you avoid sex. It is not advisable to have intercourse when you are in your last months of pregnancy as any activity which is vigorous for example sex, will trigger labor.Hope this helpedRegards