Better Sex

This is an embarrassing question to be asking, but what type of health questions should I be asking and things should I be getting checked out if I have recently become gay?

Good afternoon I wanted I was sterilised information this month the 2/June 2015 and everything went well and I wanted a information 7/June 2015 i did have my normal period I can have sex without us...

I have a small bump on the side of my penis. It does not hurt to touch and it is a little lighter than my skin. I just noticed it today and have not noticed any symptoms. Please help.

Yesterday i was intimate with my gf after going in side and after 1 minute my p was automatically lose erection my gf was not ready for that and my disre was going down what was the reason. before ...

I cant orgasm , become aroused , masturbate or climax or even self stimulate my clitoris and im overweight over 230 pounds and i have high prolactin levels but im not pregnant my breasts are leak...

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