I would like to purchase juvederm and botox for myself. I am not a physician however I heard that if I order it from a different country, such as New Zealand, it is legal. Is this true?

Was at the ER an was told that I have a boxers fracture. They put a cast on went to the bone and joint doctor the next day. He said it was not broken an took the cast off. Well its still badly swo...

Hey Doctor I have a question for you I am a 17 year old male and lately my butthole has been hurting real bad not like a burn or itch or sting. Its almost like I pulled a muscle type of pain its r...

Hi, Can you tell me how dysport is metabolized in the body ?Does it go through the liver or the kidneys? Or does it stay where it is injected?

My question is about Penis enlargement and botox. I have heard you can inject botox onto the penis to make it look fatter. Is this true and does it help enhance performance.

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