Hi there, I have a question regarding cosmetic Botox in the forehead. I had this treatment done 4 eeeks a go and I have been experiencing anxiety and low mood and wondered if this could have bee...

I had botox on my upper and lower lips 4 days ago. I asked for fillers. I am now worried as i have been reading up on the side effects.if im going to get side effects would i of had them by now

My son (8 months old), just had Botox injections for Strambismus. He was patched off and on for six weeks prior to the injections. Since his eyes have been followed so closely, we had been told b...

I would like to purchase juvederm and botox for myself. I am not a physician however I heard that if I order it from a different country, such as New Zealand, it is legal. Is this true?

Was at the ER an was told that I have a boxers fracture. They put a cast on went to the bone and joint doctor the next day. He said it was not broken an took the cast off. Well its still badly swo...

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