About a month ago I was diagnosed with edydimo orchitis and chlamydia. Once the antibiotics were done I had no symptoms of either. now 2 days ago I was in the shower and I urinated and it felt li...

I was treated for chlamydia with azithromycin single dose. Had unprotected sex after 48hours. Was I still contagious 48 hours after treatment?

Can chlamydia be spread easily from fingers to mouth? I am terrified that my nephew may be at risk if he put my finger in his mouth, if my hands weren't washed properly.

I have been taking antibiotics for chlamydia since Friday 26th August. i started the 7 day course and have been taking them as stated. On Monday 29th August i also tuck the 2 Antibiotics the cure ...

I have light greenish discharge after i had chlamydia treatment 3days ago is this normal?

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