My sex partner shared a hookah mouth piece with a friend that just recently found out that he is positive for chymadia. Are we at risk?

Ive been treated for chlamydia and had sex with a condom after 5 days. Can i reinfect myself?

Yes me and my gf contracted chlaymadia last year when we had sex on her period her doctor gave her these pink pills I only got one she took one also no sex for 7 days a full year has gone by and i ...

Both me and my partner took the treatment for chlamydia on the same day, same time. However, the next day we both engaged in unprotected sex with each other even though we were told not to for seve...

About a month ago I was diagnosed with edydimo orchitis and chlamydia. Once the antibiotics were done I had no symptoms of either. now 2 days ago I was in the shower and I urinated and it felt li...

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