Hello Recently I have been seeing this girl, We both agreed to be tested for a STD panel before intercourse. Her test recently just came back and she was positive for Chlamydia!! We have kissed and...

I tested positive for Chlamydia four days ago, was given the two pills of Azithromycin, and mistakenly had sex yesterday. I told him to get tested and treated but could I have given it back to myse...

Is a clear white vaginal discharge normal? I have had discharge most of my life I started googling all the different things i'm loseing sleep i'm so scared

Hi I am a 16 year old female I had sex two weeks ago and again a few days ago and now I think I might have chlamydia. I'm showing most of the symptoms that I had read online. I learned that it can ...

Can you get chlamydia from a hand job? went to a strip club and had several lap dances and a hand job, now my wife tested positive for chlamydia

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