I recently used Encare as a contraceptive, but I was not able to put it into the cervix properly, so I just left it in the vagina. But I also did not put in another after an hour, and tomorrow is m...

Would the morning after be worth getting if engaged in unprotected sex approx 9 or 10 days after getting a positive ovulation predictor test? Or is it far enough past when ovulation should have tak...

Is it normal having vaginal bleeding after taking Postinor 1 tablet? I take the tablet five days ago and bleeding is happening now. what should i do to prevent bleeding?

My girlfriend drank nordette yeterday at 8 as an Ecp and drank again 12 hours later. Today she should be expecting her period, will she get it or will it be in a different day?

I took the morning after pill yesterday (36 hours after intercourse) as I have been off the pill for quite awhile due to feeling nauseas when I tried to go back on it. I am going to start back on i...

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