Dermal Fillers

Hello, I am a 27 year old male with an unusual circulatory, hand-related problem. When my hands are hanging down at my side, the blood pools in them and they turn extremely red. When I raise my han...

Hi! My testicles itches too much and i googled it may be scrotum dermatitis. My testicles become scaly. Please help

I am a 68-year old crane operator. I sit for long hours every day in the hot sun erecting the Honolulu Rail. The past 2-years I have been experiencing a foul, musky, cheesy odor emanating from my...

My jaw protrudes a fair bit. I have had braces and dental care which made my teeth straight but my jaw still protrudes. Is there a way i can fix that? It makes me self conscious

Hi.., i am 18 year old male.. i have a strong urge to scratch the area surrounding my penis and scrotum. I also found small brownish like dust paricles in my pubic hairs. Another thing is that this...

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