Dry Skin

Just noticed something on my arm that looks like a graze but i dont remember grazing it and there is no pain, could it be something else ?

Hello I have a 2mm freckle in between my fingers. It has a slightly darker spot in the centre and I am worried it is something dangerous.

Dear Dr, Last month it appeared a small reddish lump between my thumb and index finger in the back of the hand. At first it looked like a pimp, it was swollen and a little bit painful but then t...

My dads lips started getting swollen all of a sudden, He only took antihistamines and it went away for sometime and came back well from this picture you can see it, I want to know if you have an id...

I have a tiny dry spot on the tip of my penis almost resembling a streatch mark slightly pink in pigment. I also have another next to it. If im not mistaken, they've always been there. They dont it...

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