Dry Skin

I have a dry / redness condition on my private area, i feel it more when im erect and active, but even if not it's not comfortable.

I have a white discharge and it's smells a bit and it's reAlly annoying I don't feel confident and it's so embarrassing to talk about it In case it's a disease or something are life treating

Hi I have had severe chapped lips with a burning mouth sensation for the past 6 weeks. None of the treatments we have tried has had a positive effect to correct the issues. We have tried, over ...

Hello I have a dry skin irriated rash on my thighs by my balls. When you scratch dry skin comes off. I know its irriated. What can you used to help it heal?

How to reduc visible deformity on th skin . i have white patch on skin can i reduce this visible deformity which is causd by liprosy

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