My son is almost 3 and suffers from severe eczema. His hads have a tendency to shake alot and when he wakes up from a nap he his body shakes sometimes until he really wakes up. I have noticed recen...

My 2 year old has nummular eczema and its not getting better even after oral prednisone. Can anyone hrlp me on what to do?

Am a 28 year old eczema patient from Jordan. Since a year on I have been very stressed and my eczema is acute. I also have 15 years of corticosteroid abuse, although topical ( got injected maybe 5 ...

I have had an outbreak of small bumps and clusters in my hands for the past few days. The condition appears to be progressing, they itch, and extremely uncomfortable. In researching various onlin...

I have eczema which causes puffy eyes and eye bags any suggestions to reduce swellin?

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